A Random thought on your beliefs

Date: September 27, 1971

Logged as number: 17833

Welk says:

As mentioned before we thought it quite amazing that you live as the only intelligent species on such a small planet, yet you are in constant disagreement with each other to the point that it continuously causes you blood-shed and death. One of the issues I found to attribute to your continuous self-destruction is the following;

Your Beliefs:

Your dictionary states that Belief is the psychological state in which and individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.

The following is what we have come to understand as one of your major belief systems. We thought it imperative to log this topic, as we feel it is at the core of the suffering we think you are confronting.

Your religious belief is what drives a lot of your decisions, policies and behaviours worldwide. It is one of the most driving forces that continue to separate you as a species and has been the cause of major conflicts throughout your history. We have determined that you have three major forms of religion based primarily on the same basic premise; there is a God and he created Earth and every living thing on it which undoubtedly would mean that he also created the Universe. The first humans disobeyed him and mankind was thereafter sentenced to death. He then, through a virgin girl sent his son to earth to repay that debt. Then very long ago there were men chosen by God through divine inspiration to record all that he wanted to say to mankind. All of this history was to be written down to be shared and taught to all of mankind about his power, love and the manner in which to live that would please him.

It is impossible to know where to start to explain the illogicality of all this, for if it was not so absurd it would be laughable and we do not possess that emotion.

Let me start with some of the books you believe to be the inspired word of your God. The Bible, Koran and Torah. You may apply any reference or example to the appropriate religious belief.

We as an intelligent race would hope to believe that if there was a God (and we are not saying that there is not) and he had intended for us to hear and know him and his word, that he would communicate this to us in an infallible and water-tight  manner, wherein his word would be absolute, clear-cut and unchanging. Where there could be no reason or indisputable need for doubt, interpretations or misinterpretations, therefore we believe it would be very unlikely that it would be written.  Language and words are subject to change of their intended meaning not withstanding inaccuracies in translation between languages. The meanings and intonations between even two different languages can vary so greatly, not to mention translated from the Hebrew language to the thousands of languages and dialects spoken on this planet. Furthermore the task was given to a group of imperfect men to choose from what is said to be inspired works from God, a collection of writings. They argued, disputed and conferred which ones should be included and which ones should be rejected and they finally agreed upon those that were to become the word of God. Conveniently compiled were the books that served the purposes of man, and the rest denounced, for they might put question to the normal way of things. Herein already lies the problem. It is a great contradiction on your part to think that the almighty God that you profess created all things perfect, from the blazing star you call the Sun that warms you every day to the colours painted on the wings of a butterfly, would have apart in such an imperfect plan. You hold your God in a very low regard and contradict his infinite power to believe that he would choose to give you such and unreliable and imperfect vehicle as a book like this to be his word.

After all according to this same book he already knew he could not trust man for he threatened him with death if he ate of the tree of knowledge, and he did. Why would he then put this all important task again in the hands of imperfect man?

If the origin and compilation of the book is unreliable then without a doubt the stories therein must be questioned as well. A few of the more renowned stories I will attempt to debate for their absurdity;

Without any evidence and not from her own admission or transcriptions you believe that a young virgin was touched by God and was with child, and this child was the son of your God. Such an immense and great occurrence deemed the work of the God that so masterfully created the universe and everything in it, should have some proof to be the truth besides the fact that someone wrote that someone said so. You wouldn’t today accept such a revelation without a shred of evidence in your own legal courts. If today a member of your Christian, Jewish or Islam community would come into your midst and profess: Our God has just cured me of some ill-fated disease, or I seem to be pregnant but have never been with a male, your faith in this same God then becomes so weak that you would deem this person as bizarre and ask for proof from one of your “earthly doctors”.

An even more extraordinary event would be the ascension of the “son of God” in the midst of Jerusalem in the middle of the day. This we believe would be a spectacle of wide seen and well documented occurrence yet you only have the word of eight people who all told it in completely different ways. Your God did all this because he was upset because a man and a woman ate a piece of fruit.

Finally if your God wanted to communicate to you something through these men by way of the divine books, why would he do it in such an incoherent manner?. For clarity on this matter, the following would be an example of such terms found in these books: “In the fifth year near the base of the great mountain when the birds fly and the beast creep there will be great horns coming from the east”. Why would your God speak in such riddles and in such a nonsensical manner if he wanted to reveal a future event to mankind? All prophecies are written down so as to be interpreted to any future situation or event.

Your belief is based on the hope and faith that these stories are true. There is no evidence or authority of truth that this is the word of God. Religion in all forms is nothing more than man’s possession of a great self-ego. Your brains are wired to understand a beginning and you are socialized to fear an end. Not being able to answer the perplexing questions about the meaning of life, unable to grasp the concept that you know not your origin, not being able to accept that your consciousness and your sense of self may one day come to an end, you therefore have the need to continue to seek your beginnings. You continue to paint your end as being able to live forever in a heavenly world or otherwise. You hang on arrogantly with both hands at the hope that you must go on, even after death without a shred of evidence to these facts.

Just as you long ago sailed around your world and proved that it was not flat (for a second time), we hope one day that you would re-examine this belief. It is fraught with every conceivable untruth and bares no help or benefit to your species.

It has caused you and continues to cause you nothing but confusion and pain and unnecessary deaths.