What Are We Really?



One of the strangest feelings you might ever have, and this is only if you are truly aware of the self that you are, is looking up the word: ‘Human’ in a dictionary. It’s gives a feeling of complete unreality because you know the premise and intention might have been well intended but it’s long overdue for a review.
You realise that someone, sometime ago had defined to ‘US’ what and who ‘US’ were.

Without having anything, besides the animals we know and see around us, without having any real comparison to measure or weigh the facts against, we came up with this definition:
Human- distinguished from other primates by their bipedal locomotion, and especially by their relatively larger brain with its particularly well developed neocortex, prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes, which enable high levels of abstract reasoning,language, problem solving, and culture through social learning.
Well this would place alot of other animals into the human category (even with the language, because all animals communicate using their own language)  so we then added on other definitions for good measure….which reads as followed:
Humans- use tools to a much higher degree than any other animal, and are the only extant species known to build fires and cook their food, as well as the only known species to clothe themselves and create and use numerous other technologies and arts….and they kept on adding.

I think this is worse than writing your own Eulogy, because in that case you at least know or have an idea of who you are.
If someone should ask you what it means to be human, you will certainly regurgitate definitions that have been instilled into us from childhood. What we were told to believe and what they said we should be like, to be human.

They have thought us that we are human because:
We can reason
We are conscious
We have a soul
We experience
We know we will die/ we know what death is.
We love
We self preserve
We are social
We feel angst and lets finish this shortened list with, we are communal.

If these are the definitions of being human then all animals that we so egoisticallly put ourselves above, fall comfortably into this category. So let’s for the moment call all creatures on the planet Human……moving on.

Now if someone were to ask you to define or describe an apple you would immediately come up with defintions such as; It’s a red juicy fruit that grows on a tree and is said to be very good for your health. It is filled with fiber and vitamins. Correct?
Then we should be just as clear in describing the human as it truly is. As someone else looking in from the outside would describe us as we described an apple or any other object for that matter.

Here is how they would describe us: We are one species out of millions on the planet. We are an apex species and are in process of killing all the other species on the planet. We are destructive to ourselves and everything around us. We wage wars against our own under the pretext of limited resources or for some other ridiculous excuse. We are mentally inferior to other animals because though we are supposed to be the apex species we still tend to suffer from such a low self esteem that we develop prejudices towards each other in an effort to make ourselves feel better. We are curious about tragedy and we tend to laugh at it. We hate and we are envious.  These are not the traits of a human as described by the dictionary.

What are we then?

We constantly revise and add words to our dictionary/vocabulary, it might be time to revise what the definition of “Human” truly is.

(definitions taken from: Wikipedia, Webster dictionary)

(photo: newscientist.com)


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