The Dutch Arrogance

dutchfoot  courtesy:

Being or becoming a celebrity in the Netherlands is not easy by far. It is a small country and very few of our talented individuals are able to break out into the worldwide media market.
We have a few international movie stars, singers and models. We have done very well however in certain sporting events such as ice skating, swimming and naturally are quite famous for our FOOTBALL talents.
The love of football is something that I think all children in this country are born with, it seems to be built into their genes. The Dutch youth then have a limited amount of local heros to look up to and stand in awe of these players.
It therefore is very disheartening to witness the arrogance and utter rudeness of  the majority of these players and the way they behave towards their fans and journalists in general. I have been witnessing this for many years now and I tried to forgive it because naturally sometimes it can be that they’re in a rush to get somewhere or for whatever reason you just can’t stop and chat. Today I decided I just had to speak up for the Dutch youth and for all the other children worldwide that run around kicking a soccer ball while wearing their jerseys on their backs

I was watching a news clip today with Rafael van der Vaart arriving at the hotel where the Dutch players usually stay before a game. There were lots of kids waiting,  probably for hours with their little autograph books and pens.
First of all; he passed them by but then perhaps thought better of what he did,  so turned back, grabbed a pen from a little boy’s hand, scribbled quickly two signatures for two little boys and disappeared inside.
I couldn’t believe my eyes;  I never saw him once acknowledge them, or say a word to them….no not even a smile. To make matters worse there was another little boy on the stairs to the hotel holding out a football to him and he simply passed him by and hurried inside.
The news clip then jumped to an interview with him and a journalists which didn’t seem to do anything for his rudeness and arrogance.
Let me make myself clear this is not a post to bash Rafael van der Vaart personally but goes for many of the Dutch football players.  You should be ashamed of your behaviour and could perhaps take a page out of the books of people like Venus and Serena Williams and people like Novak Djokovic.
You will never in your life achieve the level and fame that they have reached yet they would stand for half an hour or more after games or else where to acknowledge their fans.
What on earth do you have to do that is of such importance in a hotel, that you can’t stand for a few minutes with the children that have stood there and waited on you?
You should be ashamed…deeply ashamed.


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