A government that works? Read this!!

Sometimes I come down very hard on a lot of things, especially about the way politicians mislead and screw up. It is rare however when you see a country that gets it right, so I would like to write about that too.

First you have to understand what a government is there for. Why they are voted in by their people and what is expected from them by those people.

Because you have managed to segregate yourselves into different countries we would assume it is with the intent of belonging to a group and to each other. All countries have borders and a specific nationality,  and all who live there are citizens of this community.

Leaders are chosen to run these countries and enforce the laws so that everyone can live in a safe and  functioning society. They are there to provide a descent and healthy existence to old as well as young. To protect the people within this country from any harm.

One of the countries I think that has gotten it right is the Netherlands. (Sweden also gets a big vote from us)

There is not much you can complain about here: It is one of the most liberal countries in the world. True freedom, not the kind that you have to wonder if someone is pulling the wool over your eyes.

The people in this country I speak of enjoy the following:

Everyone, and I mean everyone has a place to sleep at night, and if you can’t afford it, it will be provided for you.

Everyone has food to eat every single day, and if you cannot afford it that will be provided for you as well.

If you happen to walk by a fat person it is a shocking thing to see because it is so rare. This is because the government takes great care that only healthy fresh food is sold in all stores.

There is no one in this country that goes without medical care, you are insured against any medical condition from birth to death. Preventive care is also a big thing here; for example all women from a certain age is encouraged once a year to screen for cervical cancer.

All new mothers get someone home in the first weeks to clean and help take care of newborns so families can recuperate.

You are truly free here to speak your mind. There is no fear that you might stumble and say the wrong thing and get yourself in trouble like in so many countries around the world today.

There is no issue to small that happens here that all politcians do not  head to the chambers for to discuss. If the people are upset they discuss it and fix it. A true democracy.

You would be hard pressed to find a better infastructure. The roads are perfect, the waterways are clean and safe, the public transportation connects everyone to everywhere. All students use public transportation for free and when you get too old to get to a train, someone comes home to take you where you have to be.

No weapons on the streets so that everyone can feel safe.

Education is mandatory and free and top class. When you reach to university those who cannot afford it (even though very cheap) help is provided for them by the government.

Childcare is provided for you if both parents choose to work. Mortgages on homes are paid by the government for 50% of your costs.

No one is above the law but in this country the law is certainly not above anyone. The police are here to remind you about the law..that’s it. In other words you don’t start to shiver when being stopped by law enforcement like it is in so many countries.

You have the right here to live how you want with whom you want, and should there come a time when you do not want to live anymore, you even have the right to die. Simply walk to a doctor and ask him to take your life.

There is so much more to be said about this country that a simple posting can not elaborate on.

But best of all of the freedoms here is this; You can actually lie topless in your backyard with a joint in one hand and a wine in the other and casually wave to your neighbor and have them wave back without being in shock or being dragged off to prison for a couple of years. True freedom eh?

The original premise and reasoning for setting yourselves apart as country loses its true meaning if a government does not work like this one. Where all members of the country are protected and taken care of by the people they entrust to take care of them.

Everyone is cordial and respectful to eachother. The entire society is social and understands that being social means looking out for one another. They are also the top on the list of social volunteer work around the world, so not only within their own borders.


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