Be very afraid (Boston Bombings)

First of all my sympathies go out to all victims and their families in Boston. It was an awful thing that happened. It’s been a week now and we all have had a bit of time to let it all sink in.

I must however express that something has been stuck in my throat about this entire event and how it played out.

If  it is so easy for the powers that be to feed you some hype and you just swallow it without question then you all should be very afraid indeed.

So the police found some footage with some guys wearing a backpack. Then the FBI said they have a photo of one of the suspects putting down the packpack. This photo has never been produced—take another sip of the Kool-Aid. In that same video clip there are several people with backpacks on.

These brothers were then called suspects and the hunt was on, media in a frenzy and unsubstantiated facts flying left and right.

Don’t forget before the photos of them were released the next day the younger brother went to school and acted quite normal according to witnesses.

But then….the photos were released. (the very next day)

Now this is what I know about the workings of man: If someone had done such a thing it would mean he was at the end of his rope and could’nt gave two damns about keeping up appearances. i.e show up to class. It is the work of an extreme mind that plans this and the plan is also usuallly for an escape, either by death or flight. Why were they still there?

I think they were there because it is unlikely that is was them. I believe after they saw their photos they began to panic. Least of all because they come from a place where they know if the government’s got it out for you, there is not much you can do—  But mostly because if you are a foreigner in a country and you see your face plastered across the television screen and having already been questioned by FBI for years, you can feel like : This will be pinned on me for sure. I think they panicked and to be fair,  even United States citizens run and hide from the law for lesser crimes….uhmm Bounty Hunters?

Then there is the alleged cache of weapons and bombs found…haven’t seen the evidence yet and even if I did,  I wouldn’t believe it.

Please revisit that photo that the FBI released of the backpack or bag next to the mailbox or garbage bin. After the blast the mailbox/garbage bin is totally intact. Not a scratch. On Hardball with Chris Mathews you can see two people sitting next to it after the bombs went off, so there was no explosion there to be sure. The explosions came from behind the crowd.

While you’re at it, revisit all the photos- they are either snapshots of nothing going on or very grainy quality.

This has all been staged even down to the capture. Think about it: An injured bleeding man in a boat surrounded by 500 cops with guns and helicopters and what have you;  It was reported there were at the least 100 gunshots others reported a barrage of rapid gunfire, and that young man was still able to be pulled out of that boat alive? It makes no sense whatsoever  that no officers were hit and that kid was still alive. As a matter of fact it makes alot of sense to me that he was shot in the neck, a permanent silencer.

I am not saying it was or wasn’t them, but if you can be accused on such dodgey evidence then I think we all should be afraid.

It’s a tried and true tactic of governments to instill fear into people using rapid moving events and a flood of information that throws you off from the critical thinking process. I put nothing past the U.S government….I read.

You live in a country where you are socialized to believe that you are free, yet you walk around in fear everyday wondering if you might say the wrong thing, look the wrong way be in the wrong place and therefore be hauled off to prison.

I think this entrire situation is sad and unfortunate. I wish the media would be more investigative like journalists are supposed to be and to stop reporting everything they are told.

Mostly I hope that people would keep an openmind to the facts that are in front of them. Don’t let your life be a continous religious experience where someone said , that someone said,  that someone said it happened.


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