American gun law-The right to bear arms

Let me see if I understand this correctly:

In your constitution that was written in the 18th century,  you are afforded  the right to keep a weapon for your protection.

If you see that over the past centuries the situation has snowballed out of control, might it not be something you should revisit with some serious consideration?

You have millions of individuals in prison for some violent crime or the other and you spend millions in tax dollars to sustain them. Your children and people are being picked off one by one like ducks at a shooting range. You live in constant fear and mistrust  of each other.

Laws are just rules made up by man in a certain time for a certain purpose. They are not carved in stone. I mean in the 18th century it was quite alright to marry your cousin, but we don’t go around doing that today do we? Children were taken out of school to work the land back then too but those laws have also been abolished.  Speaking of abolished- we don’t go with ships to foreign countries anymore to look for free labour.

The law is a joke and the people who fight to keep it are idiots. Stop being “politically correct” and just say it as it is.

The best thing you can do is to implement a new law;  to round up all the weapons in your country put them on a big heap and burn them. If people have beef with each other let them put up their fists and fight. We do it in Europe and we are quite happy to knock somebody down once in a while with our fists. Trust me it makes you feel more of a man.


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