My country, my home


You have managed to segregate yourselves into different countries we would assume it is with the intent of belonging to a group and to each other. All countries have borders and a specific nationality,  and all who live there are citizens of this

As with many countries around your planet, there is a mentality that this is our country and you do not belong here. On closer inspection we feel the premise for this has been lost. Using  some example countries, like the United States or Europe, we have observed that all individuals within said countries, or groups still regard one another as potential enemies and treat each other as strangers. There is no common greeting nor any communication among one another. A rare friendly greeting is viewed with suspicion and as bizarre. There is no genuine feeling of community or respect for fellow country man. You ignore and you fear each other, nor is there any uplifting help for the ones less fortunate among you. You lock your doors and secure yourselves with elaborate security systems against each other. Ironically there is no trust within your OWN borders and big fences among one another. The original premise and reasoning for setting yourselves apart as race or country loses its true meaning by your behaviour and actions.


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