This is your own mess

Are you as powerless as they would have you believe?

Welk says:
When you feel very small in this big world, try to remember that you are in this mess because you choose to be. Your internationally recognized sovereign Nation(States) lists 193 States. Taking that information and estimating that in every state let’s say: 1000 people
including Presidents, Kings, Diplomats, and Ministers make up the governing body of any particular State, you can then say there is 193000 people that lead you as a people. Even if you think I might be extremely low on the number then let’s take 5000 people making up your nations governing body, that still makes 965000 people worldwide telling Seven billion people what they can or cannot do, what is good for them or not, when to come and go and basically controlling every other aspect of your life that you blindly follow every single day without question. This is a photo of a crowd in just ONE city. Imagine if the world stood up and took back their natural freedom. Who could stop you?


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