The Farce of Religion

Welk say:
Religion in all forms is nothing more than man’s possession of a great self-ego. Your brains are wired to understand a beginning and you are socialized to fear an end. Not being able to answer the perplexing questions about the meaning of life, unable to grasp the concept that you know not your origin, not being able to accept that your consciousness and your sense of self may one day come to an end, you therefore have the need to continue to seek your beginnings. You continue to paint your end as being able to live forever in a heavenly world or otherwise. You hang on arrogantly with both hands at the hope that you must go on, even after death without a shred of evidence to these facts.


It is impossible to know where to start to explain the illogicality of all this, for if it was not so absurd it would be laughable and we do not possess that emotion.
We will certainly attempt to do this in subsequent communiques.


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