Is your God mentally challenged?

godcloudsOne of the issues I found to attribute to your continuous self-destruction is the following;
Your Beliefs:
Your dictionary states that Belief is the psychological state in which and individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.

The following is what we have come to understand as one of your major belief systems. We thought it imperative to log this topic, as we feel it is at the core of the suffering we think you are confronting.
Your religious belief is what drives a lot of your decisions, policies and behaviours worldwide. It is one of the most driving forces that continue to separate you as a species and has been the cause of major conflicts throughout your history.
We have determined that you have three major forms of religion based primarily on the same basic premise; there is a God and he created Earth and every living thing on it which undoubtedly would mean that he also created the Universe. The first humans disobeyed him and mankind was thereafter sentenced to death. He then, through a virgin girl sent his son to earth to repay that debt. Then very long ago there were men chosen by God through divine inspiration to record all that he wanted to say to mankind. All of this history was to be written down to be shared and taught to all of mankind about his power, love and the manner in which to live that would please him.
If your God wanted to communicate something to mankind by way of the divine books, scribed by the prophets, why would he do it in such an incoherent manner?
The following is a made up example….
“In the fifth year near the base of the great mountain when the birds fly and the beasts creep there will be great horns coming from the east”.
Why would your God speak in such riddles and in such a nonsensical manner if he wanted to reveal a future event to mankind?
All prophecies are written down so as to be interpreted to any future situation or event.
There is no evidence or authority of truth that this is the word of God.
As a matter of fact I would be very disappointed if this gibberish was the word of God.
For a man who is said to have created all things perfect I think the bible is a most imperfect vehicle for his means of spreading his word.


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